Addicted to Life - The Lp

by Teisha Marie

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Soulful. Eclectic. Delicious. GOOD HONEST MUSIC. Someone who can relate to what you're going through!


released November 11, 2008

Addiction - the definition
Produced by Ahmed Sirour
(Voices - D. Smith, D. Williams, K. Boateng,
M. Robinson, S. Roberson, C. and J.
McKie,R. McKie,S. Allah,T. McKie,
N. Manson, J. Salley, V. Ford, A. Sirour)
Keyboard,Synths, Drum Programming: Ahmed Sirour

Addicted to Life (T. McKie, A.Sirour)
TEMC Music (BMI)/Ahmed Sirour Publishing(ASCAP)
Produced by Ahmed Sirour
Keyboard,Synths, Drum Programming: Ahmed Sirour

Unscripted (T.McKie, B. Johnson) TEMC Music(BMI)
Produced by Busy for Insert Coin []

Txt Msg (T. McKie, C. Lecount) TEMC Music
(BMI)/Better Beat Bureau Music(BMI)
Produced by Antagonist "Chris Lecount" for Better Beat Bureau Productions

Awaken (T. McKie, B. Talbert) TEMC Music
Produced by Barry Talbert

Open (T. McKie, E. Salmon) TEMC Music
Produced by Steadfast

Temporary (T. McKie, C. LeCount)TEMC Music
(BMI)/Better Beat Bureau Music(BMI)
Produced by C. LeCount for Better Beat Bureau Productions

Economics (T.McKie/L.A. Gary) TEMC Music (BMI)/DO A

Professional Liar (T.McKie, C. Cunningham, A.Itomi)
Produced by C. Love, Eric "E;-Dub"Wheeler,and Aman tomi for Luvydub Productions
Trumpet: Kenyon Cribbs
Saxophone: Kolai

Inner Truth (T. McKie/D. Bias) TEMC Music(BMI)/Ron E. Beatz(BMI)
Produced by RON E. BEATZ for Furstbourne Music Group

K.O.N. (T. McKie, Z. Cutler) TEMC Music(BMI)/
Produced by Zach Cutler
Guitar: Zach Cutler
Whistles: Kolai, Teisha Marie

Unavailable (T. McKie, S. Sharp) TEMC Music(BMI)
Produced by Woody Sharp for Sharp Sounds Music Productions

Legacy (T. McKie, A.Sirour) TEMC Music (BMI)/Ahmed Sirour Publishing(ASCAP)
Produced by Ahmed Sirour
Keyboard: Ahmed Sirour
Bass: Kris Funn

More Important (T. McKie, A.Sirour) TEMC Music (BMI)/Ahmed Sirour Publishing(ASCAP)
Keyboard,Synths, Drum Programming: Ahmed Sirour
Produced by Ahmed Sirour

I , Teisha Marie, wish to thank so many:

THE CREATOR (NO THING would be possible without YOU) - Thank you for being my sustainer, provider, friend, family, song, peace, light and so very MUCH more. I can never repay you but I am committed to your purpose for me.

Gertrude and Raymond McKie, Sr., Eloise and Dallas Rome - I miss you much, but your love still lives on. I hope I'm what you imagined. R.I.P. – Uncle R.J. , Uncle William, Aunt Mary - thank you for loving me.

Cynthia and Jesse McKie - Thank you for rarely saying, "No!" LOVE YOU ALWAYS and wouldn't trade you for anything! Reginald McKie, Sadiq Allah and Trevor McKie (my security team/stylists/teachers/tastemakers/logistics team/video director/financial advisors/prayer warriors/counselors/motivators/cheerleaders) – I love each of you to infinity! Thanks for allowing me to be princess! ).To Jabari, Kamau, True and Imani - You inspire me more than you know! Nothing is impossible! Love you! To the McKie, Roberson, Rome, Griffin, Gilliam, Bowden, Tobias, Wooten, Roberts, Baker, Butler, Smith, Williams, Boateng, Grigsby, Harvey, Walker, Downs, Beckett, Lynch, Shabazz, Goodson-Bell, Al-Ghuiiy, Anderson, Parks Family - Thank you for your love & time. You should know how much EACH of you mean to me, there's not enough room to tell you! Love y'all! To Jai-Jai and E.J. - My lil' superstars! Anything you need, you have it if I have it! Godmommy loves ya! Nat, Shak, Ky, 'Ne, Sarah, Nisa, Stacy, Vickey, Donna - Sistas, thanks for bein' there! I pray our bond never breaks. "I'se a woman now!" J Chris - We gotta do somethin'! The devil is in the detail! Make Anthony & Babs proud!

Trice – I shall scour the world for the best cheesecake for you! D.A. – You will always be bruhman from da 5th flo' to me! Haha! EDS – never wanted 2 b ms. understood 2 u. c.a.g.a. – you will be great! Maintain the true you!

All my AUC fam (especially my Spelmanites) - let us be the change we wish to see!

To my teachers – I won't forget what you taught me.

To the musicians/producers – Art for art's sake is cool, but so is empathy and deliverance! Thanks for gettin' that.

FINALLY - it's your moment! YOU, Yes, YOU! – Thank you for listening & taking time out to spend some with me. I don't take it for granted. Get addicted to LIFE! Life is short and yours to share. *We can make a difference - volunteer, smile, reflect, relax (then work some more), laugh and love more. A quick way to start giving: please visit and click to GIVE!

If I've forgotten anyone - I'm sorry, human, & runnin' out of space!

For the EXTENDED list of thanks, please visit



all rights reserved



Teisha Marie Washington, D.C.

This England-born, US-raised singer presents a new recipe for soulful sounds that has been hailed by music fans and critics around the globe. Her voice has been described by as "jazzy and seductive". The longstanding classic calls her music "refreshingly honest." Eclectic. Intriguing. Delicious. Teisha Marie has Soul and Substance.
Get to know The Girl from Nowhere.
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Track Name: Addicted to Life
Addicted to Life
Vocals by Teisha Marie McKie

People say, “Girl whatcha gonna do with yourself? Seems like you’re always runnin’ here or there.”
And I say, “I got one life and with my time I can’t do what works for everyone else.”
So I make sure to shine each day
and embrace all that comes my way
and I know that I that I’ll never be alone
‘cause as long as I got music
I’ve always got a home

I’m Addicted to Life
The ups and down and inbetweens
Different people need different things
But everybody’s looking for the truth
So I put the pen in my hand and as a vessel
Let the words flow through


I used to try
to suppress the light that I had inside
because I was afraid of what I’d find
but one day
my words began to overflow
I started writing and decided to let it show
‘cause with life
you gotta move or be moved
and with my talent it’s use or lose
and with my purpose it’s show and prove
and in the rhythm of life
I’m glad I found my own groove



I arm myself with love, peace and music
Love an expression of action
Peace – tranquility, be still and know
Rest when needing direction
Music – inspiration, therapy for the soul
I’m indebted to the ancestors and the Creator for this gift
I take my charge seriously and consider my purpose priceless
Therefore, use this offering as you will
I pray it motivates, strengthens and heals

Track Name: Unscripted

The young and the restless
Become married with children
And as the world turns
These are the days of our lives
In St. Elsewhere
The bold and the beautiful secretly desire someone
To be their guiding light
I never imagined
Life to happen
As it has
But nothin' ever goes as planned
And the struggle will soon pass
In the midst of the storm
I know where to stand


We're livin' in the land of the lost
And everybody wants to be loved
For who they really are
But everything has a cost
To know this to be true
I don't have to look far
I'm livin' single
And lovin' it
But sometimes i don't wanna wake up alone
But then a quick reflection on prior drama
Reminds me that right now
I'm better off on my own


BRIDGE Pursue your passions
'cause everybody's got one life to live
Give everything you got to give
What's due in return
is abundant, if you're willing to learn.....

Track Name: Txt Msg
Little girl, I know you like what you see on the t.v. screen
and you figure you should be like them girls in the magazine
Just know that everything ain't what it seem
Even though you don't see options (there’s plenty)
Just know that I am watchin'
waitin' for you to live your dreams
You can be a star that shines so bright
and blind everybody with your light
You are much greater than a pretty smile and tight clothes
You can be a star that shines so bright
and blind everybody with your light
Reveal that part of you that no one knows


Little boy, even though there really ain't no man around
I'm askin' you to please be strong and stand your ground
Just know that you're a lost treasure who's waiting to be found
You don't have to be a victim (don’t give in)
and up in a system that's
plottin' to keep you down
You can be a star that shines so bright
and blind everybody with your light
I'm beggin' you not to make the corner your stage
You can be a star that shines so bright
and blind everybody with your light
Reveal that there's more to your chapter than this page


(No matter what they say, know there's a brighter day, You need it the most)

(Keep your future very close, 'cause you need it most) Know that you're special and there's nobody like you, like you, like you, you, you

Track Name: Awaken
I’ve been chasing you
For quite some time
Wondering when I’ll cross your mind
And you’ll decide to address me
I know you’re blind
But I see you clearly
I’m tired of being a stranger
The unknown imposes danger
Trivial pursuits don’t hold my attention
The more I’m ignored I lose indecision
I’m making a choice to make exclusive room for you
Reintroduce your life to my view

Chorus – Awaken my soul
Remind me of how much I really don’t know
Don’t try to resist
Awaken my soul
Remind me of how much I really don’t know
Prove to me your love is bliss
Now this ain’t normally my style
But this could be worthwhile
Quite simply, you have me intrigued
And I’d be a fool to ignore
What my mind’s telling me to explore
Not really sure if you’re ready
To change the course of where you’re heading
But I can’t take no more of this tension
How much more do I really need to mention


Bridge – We’re one in the same
With no ending or beginning
Infinitely my energy flows for you
Confess that you feel it calling you to……

Track Name: Open
V1 – You got me feelin’ like I just can’t
Control myself no more
I think I’m ready to give you
What I have in store
Many moons have past from when we first met
A thousand times I’ve tried
But I can’t forget
The way you sound when you whisper in my ear
You’ve already made love to my mind
I’ve waited and waited to tell you this
But I think it’s time

CHORUS – I’m open to you
There’s no other way for me to explain
I’m open to you
Trust me when I say my words aren’t spoken in vain

V2 - How it feel when
I know it’d be
Oh so beautiful (beautiful – 2x)
I’m fallin’ deeper into your soul
And I’m losin’ control
Can I touch where no one’s ever reached you
I know it’s true that patience is a virtue
Can we descend into our ecstasy
Understand I’m not a master at waiting and
To show my desire for you
I’m anticipating


Bridge – (First we’re gonna)
Take our time
(Then we’re gonna)
Free our minds
(And we’re gonna )
Be just fine
( First we’re gonna )
Let love exude
(Then we’re gonna )
Find sensual truth
(And I’m gonna)
Be here for you
And there ain’t nothin’ I
won’t do ‘cause

Track Name: Temporary
Chorus - This place I'm in
is a temporary thing
just gotta be patient
and see what tomorrow brings
because I believe it's so much bet-ter
than where I am now...

V1 - The present is a present
even if you don't think so
the reason it's here is
for you to learn and grow
'cause you can't rise
until you submit to the will
and let your frustration subside
the trouble or pain
you see and feel
will dissipate in time
your true strength will be revealed
and a brighter day will shine You been searchin' here and
there for answers
you already have
and even though right now don't look good
it's temporary and that ain't sooo---- bad----
V2 - Look within when without
Change will come Don’t doubt that all is as it should be
Elevation is due after bein’ so low Stay focused on ascension and let fear go I know you may have been here before or never at all But it will be alright, though you don’t see light Stop to reflect and stand tall You’re who you are ‘cause of what you been through Work hard to move past where you’re holding you And keep some hope in your heart, the clouds will part For those who endure triumph awaits, won’t be long ‘fore you overcome Just don’t let concern complicate, the journey you’re on

Bridge - What I see around me
won't always be
It's temporary (2x)
Faith will help me
to see through misery
It's temporary (2x)

Lead – Adlib (for last chorus) - This moment won't last
Soon I'll see brighter
Track Name: Economics
V1 – I’m a minor league player with a major state of mind
Movin’ to another level means I’m always on my grind
When meeting people they ask what is it I do
So they can decide if I hold any value
My passion is my life and I walk in faith and love
that I’m where I’m supposed to be
It ain’t worth it for me to give up
Money will come but it’s not my motivation
In the race that I run, my soul can’t be sold
I made that decision long ago

CHORUS - My economics don’t determine what I ‘m really worth
But if I had a million dollars what would I do first
Buy out the malls or pay my bills
Save my family or just chill
I just hope I do the right thing if it happens for real

V2 – It’s said a penny saved is a penny earned
So for every mistake made is a lesson learned
Sometimes my account was like the artic in July
But the strength I gained is worth more than money can buy
There’s a fine line between the finer things and the pain they bring
And that I can do without
Right now what I want and need are the very same
A lil’ change would clear the worry bein’ broke brings
I got no interest in livin’ check to check
So I gotta get wealth for those comin’ next

Ad lib- In GOD I trust that there’s a reason for everything
And I trust that I’m where I’m supposed to be , positively
I got more dreams than money and that’s alright
My cash flow don’t affect my insight

Track Name: Professional Liar
I’ll say whatever you want me to
But won’t do what you need me to
Please understand this is a rare and passing moment
Exchanged between me and you
I’ll steal your hopes and dreams in front of your blind eyes
And when conflict arises, I won’t compromise
I’ll kill, steal, and destroy in the name of power and greed
It’s all for you , you see
You don’t appreciate what I do, but I’m doin’ it all for you
At least that’s what I want you to believe
Give your faith and trust to me
‘Cause I’m

I’m a professional liar (3x)
A professional liar

Now there are wars and rumors of wars
Started all just for fun
You see I need to believe that I am
Truly the destined one
I’m always reaching for the ever unattainable thing
‘Cause I refuse to believe that GOD is the only king
Power is my addiction, Corruption is my best friend
Truth is wounded people aren’t my affliction
You don’t appreciate what I do, but I’m doin’ it all for you
At least that’s what I want you to believe
Give your faith and trust to me
‘Cause I’m

BRIDGE – It’s in your name that I slaughter innocent people
It’s in your name that I continue to defy the illegal
It’s in your name that I perpetuate evil
It’s in your name that I spread wars and rumors of wars
And lie about what we’re fighting for
Cause I am ….

CHORUS (Adlib- I’ve got no problem saying one thing and doing another, ‘Cause I feel no connection to you and you are not my brother, I’ve been doing this a long time,I don’t mind wasting your time, My goal is to get your mind)
Track Name: Inner Truth
V1 – He said he loved his life
And his family
Gave everything he had
To keep on living
But inside dying
‘Cause he spent years hiding his inner truth
He knew mama would love him
No matter what he did
And daddy was no longer in earthly existence
But what about the world, would they accept who he was
And how and who he chose to love

CHORUS – What’s your inner truth?
Could this be you? (2x)

V2 – She said she loved her life
And her family
Gave everything she had
to keep on living
She thought of dying
‘Cause she spent years denying setting her caged bird free
You see when she was younger
She was touched in the wrong way
Hurt by someone she trusted
And vowed to never say who dimmed her light
To this day, she thinks she deserved it
But there’s healing in revealing

BRIDGE – Your story doesn’t have to be front page news
And you’re the only one who can walk in your shoes
You gotta do what’s best for you
Don’t stop breathin’
Shine your light and keep on believin’ that you can make it through

Track Name: K.O.N.
V1 – So you
Sit high and look low
Feelin’ exalted as you crush those you know
You don’t want light to shine
‘Cause it might
open your eyes
to just how arrogant you really are
how ugly you can truly be
You torture to me
To remain on your throne
As the king of negativity

V2 – So it
Was easy for you
To come along and suck me in
And make incisions on my soul
I don’t wanna trade places though
At least in my position I still have room to grow
And be even more wonderful
Than you could ever see
Or ever know
‘Cause you’re the king of negativity

BRIDGE - Darkness surrounds you
(It blinded my light , but now I think twice about the decisions I’ve made)
My anger for you
(breeds hate I never knew that I could produce)
I don’t wanna be
a reflection of you
I prefer to reflect the truth (3x)

V3 – If I had valued myself
None of this would be
But I guess that’s what I get
For wasting time on you
And not
Spending enough with me
You seek to drive me to insanity
( A dreamcrusher , a soulsucker)
There’s only room for one on the throne
As the king of negativity ……. So I’ll leave it all alone .. I’ll leave it all alone
Track Name: Unvailable
INTRO - So you wonder why
I keep callin' you
I guess you think
I have nothin' better
to do
but the truth is
I'm not in love
with the idea of us
being through

V1 - You say you wanna go and
clear your mind
and that maybe
we can do this another time
but I ain't got time to lie
to myself
or to you
how I'm feeling
this pain is like a second skin
hell is my ceiling
why can't we start all over again?
you and I
have crossed an untraceable line
forever etched into my heart
and it’ll break if our ending starts

V2- Why did you come and turn my world
upside down?
I feel like I'm slowly being drowned
into a neverending abyss of
desolation and loneliness
where’s salvation?
Wondering if I gave
my very best
but if you thought I did
then I wouldn't have to
call you ike this
what should I have given more of?
maybe we coulda argued a little less
all I wanted to do was be your girl,
a constant source of love
in such an empty world
and give you all the good things
you never had
tell me, was I really all that bad?

V3 - forgive me for thinking you were my superman
(sent to rescue me)
with clarity I see
that you were quite weak
but i can't live in insanity
I'm gettin' really scared
because you're acting like you never cared
what happened to the man who'd love me for me and said he’d never leave
were you afraid of what you saw?
i guess love exposes flaws
after bliss wears off
wasn't i worth enough for you
to cover the cost?

I've never been this deep
I’m put to shame when I hear your voice
Can’t sleep or eat
Never got to say I wanted to stay or leave
You took my choice and
I’m starting to grieve
The death of the familiar
And the depth of we
Baby what about the plans we talked about
Like creating a family and movin’ down south
All lovely hopes and memories
were stolen by your instability
your mom called and said she hopes
we work it out
i couldn't answer the phone and let her
hear my doubt
In the past few days, all I’ve done is
sit and sit and contemplate
I may have made a bad decision
choosing love as my religion
atheism ain’t for me
and neither is being lonely
I don't really wanna cry right now
but I know you can hear the tears comin' down

I wish I could act like I never knew you
But wishes don’t always come true
I’m sittin’ here lost and confused
Wondering what to do
I don't know whether to stay or to go
But I had to call and let you know
That I ‘m not
here to be a fool for you
but I will
you still
no matter what you choose to do

please come around
I'm praying forgiveness and love
Are found and renewed
hopin’ this message gets to you
you can stop playing now
I get the point you were trying to prove
Track Name: Legacy
Feeling frozen
Mouth won’t open
Don’t know what to think
Our time is fleeting
You’re slowly leaving and I am on the brink of crumbling
I know your will is for me to go on
But I’m wondering where I’ll draw my inner strength from
I’m missing you before you’ve completely left
Resisting the after-effects of fading happiness
So many things I never got to learn
But now you’re gone….
And the answers to your prayers, I pray they linger on
Miss you sayin’ pretty is as pretty does
Miss your smiles, your letters, kind words and your love-drenched hugs
Your laugh, your hats, I miss your pillows, your prayers, your cane
Your ribs, your fried fish, your stares whenever I’d feel shame
I miss you sharing whatever you had to give
Reminding me that prayer changes things and that Jesus had the hardest life to live
I wish I could have asked you what your childhood was like
You built your own house and raised a family of five
What would our family be like if you were still alive?
Maybe there’d be less heartache, less silence and no struggling
If we possessed one-tenth of your love, maybe things wouldn’t be so broken
But every day I wake up, I’m hopin’ we are what you imagined we would be
I pray you’re at peace
I search myself to find pieces of you
I want to manifest your beauty, your light and your truth
I never got to tell you just how much you mean to me
So I offer this, praying it reaches beyond me
It’s the end of an era, feelin’ a little sad
Wonderin’ if I’ll ever love someone else like the love we had
Hurts a little moving into the unfamiliar, but with each day, my own face becomes clearer
The part of me that existed before you left, was it altered or just misplaced?
My heart will remember you even when my mind wants to forget erase the fact that you’re no longer here
This kinda thing don’t wash away with time
It will fade little by little hopefully with GOD’s design
But my love for you will forever shine, clear as day
Our roots are deep within Southern hospitality (that seems to fade away in an age of modern technology) where people cared about one another deeply, (but now it’s all surface you see)
You survived so much racism and poverty to bring forth what’s before me
I thank you for all of your sacrifice, for rarely saying no and always thinking twice ‘bout the good of the family
Raymond and Gertrude McKie
Dallas and Eloise Rome
I pray that we define your legacy
Track Name: More Important

Ask me if I care
Ask me if I care about your situation
‘cause chances are that what I’m facin’s more important (2x)

V1 – These days
It’s all about me and mine
I got ta stay on my grind
‘Cause I really ain’t gotta lotta extra time
to give
to him, to them, to you
so you can keep ya problems to ya self
‘cause I can’t worry ‘bout no body else
Don’t take
Advantage of my kindness
with you I find that it’s
too much drama
wanna maintain my good karma
I need some room to breathe
And even if ya ain’t feelin’ me
I gotta live in positivity
So please


V2 - Nowadays it’s cliché
But it’s true when they say
It’s always betta to give than receive
But how many people
Really want to believe that they can be
The change that they wish to see
Please know
That what you’re goin’ through
Somebody somewhere
Is probably ten times worse off than you
I’m here, when you need me
But don’t ya get too greedy
Or the next words your ears will hear
Will be


I will transcend
In to the
And be free

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